What happened to Barry Marshall when he drank a dish of bacteria?! And what has that got to do with Jarrah honey?

Brave Barry Marshall conducted one of the most famous experiments reported in scientific journals. He suspected that stomach ulcers were caused by a bacterium called helicobacter pylori, rather than stress or acidic food as was generally believed. To prove it, he and his research partner Robin Warren, cultured a petri dish full of these bacteria in their laboratory at the University of Western Australia. And then he drank it!
Eight days later gastritis had set in and would have led to stomach ulcers and possibly worse, had he not taken remedial antibiotics. This went a long way towards proving that gastric inflammation, which can lead to stomach ulcers and in some cases, stomach cancer, is triggered by a bacterium. Amazingly, the solution was right on his doorstep: Western Australian Jarrah and Marri honeys inhibit the aggressive instincts of helicobacter pylori!

However helicobacter pylori has some positive functions and is often a part of our internal “bacterial garden”! So how do we take the good and avoid the bad? Simple, we enjoy Western Australian Jarrah and Marri honeys!

Our bodies are remarkably good at cultivating a balanced “garden” of bacteria, which perform a multitude of functions, not only in the stomach, but especially in the gut. However, if the balance is upset for any reason, aggressive actions of bacteria such as helicobacter pylori cease to be inhibited and in this case they drill through the stomach lining and create inflammation leading to ulcers.

Jarrah and Marri honeys have a useful loading of a short chain fatty acid, or peptide, known as butyric acid. This is a very useful substance, absorbed by the gut, and keeps the immune system in trim and importantly, prevents the body triggering unnecessary inflammatory responses. This is a mechanism to keep helicobacter polori in check, so that it can do good things and not bad things.
Barry Marshall and Robin Warren won a Nobel Prize for their work, very well deserved!

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